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From planning to delivery, we’ll coordinate your truckload shipment needs every step of the way. Dry or refrigerated, bulk or flatbed, you can rely on our 35 years of experience in full truckload shipping. With a network of nearly 30,000 authorized carriers and a team dedicated to meticulously tracking your shipments, you’ll have peace of mind when you’re shipping truckloads with GVE Freight & Logistics LLC. What’s the advantage of working with us instead of booking directly with an asset-based carrier? Good question!

· Port and Airport Transfer
· Cargo loading and unloading
· Local Pickups & Delivery
· Specialty trucking (refrigeration, overweight)
· Established roster of domestic truckers

cargoPacking, crating, blocking, bracing, securing, paneling, and plat forming are part of a proficient freight consolidation. We have trained expert personnel who are competent of performing all of these tasks with each container for the sole purpose of reducing the cost of your shipment.

We are experienced professionals, and offer competitive rates and flexibility of services that our competitor cannot provide. Our system is customized for every client’s individual and specific needs. Our services include; Air and Ocean transport, Freight Forwarding, Air Freight Consolidation services, Ocean Freight Consolidation services. To include; Vendor Consolidation, Marine Insurance, Customs Clearance, Distribution and other value added global logistics services.

Our operation offers you the greatest possible support in importing and exporting, saving you both time and money. The question asked most by clients is “What is the status of my shipment?” For that reason, our company employs technology that enables our clients to track and clear their shipments as quickly as possible while in transit. Almost everything in relation to shipping is performed by us, and anything else we are more than happy to accommodate.

Ocean Freight Full Container Shipping

cargo-shipIf you are moving residence from one country to another, or have a large cargo to be shipped across the ocean, GVE Freight & Logistics LLC can provides the perfect solution in the form of Full Container Load cargo. With the highest efficiency of FCL cargo service in the industry, we can provide cargo pickup from your doorstep, with a choice of containers, doorstep delivery, warehousing, packing, crating and scheduling. In any situation, our company ensures a smooth passage for your cargo in a timely manner, and a cost effective rate.

The containers and steamship carriers used by us are the best in the industry, ensuring the smooth and fast transit of your cargo. In addition to providing Full Container Load service, our company offers a number of additional services such as Customs Brokerage which make the shipping process easy, hassle-free and convenient for you. All arrangements regarding documentation, scheduling the shipment, custom formalities, cargo management from the moment the cargo is entrusted to the company, shipping the leased container, or shipper owned container to the destination port are handled by the company.

Our company helps you simplify the shipping process by providing a clear overall picture of all that is required for shipping which includes a list of required documents and permits. Transactions are clear and there are no hidden costs involved. This transparency ensures that the customers will receive the best level of service, with the least amount of cost.

Air Freight

GVE Freight & Logistics LLC is global leader of international air freight shipping. If you need your shipment to get to its destination quicker or to a location that is far from a shipping port; shipping by air may be the right choice for you. We can ship almost anything for you anywhere in the world. We routinely ship commercial shipments for every industry, such as; household goods, and or special items. We offer a variety of storage, and shipping related services, including packing, crating, warehousing and unloading. We have negotiated significant discounts with the trusted major lines and coshippers, which allows us to provide our clients with the most affordable prices while maintaining the best service possible.



With over 100,000 square feet of warehouse space, GVE Freight & Logistics LLC is ideal for your storage needs. We offer real-time access to inventory and order status using a simple, intuitive web interface. Manage your inventory as if it were in your own facility.

Our state of the art WMS system can help with space optimization, RF-directed and assisted picking, cross-docking, and value-added support services. Over 99% of put-a ways and picks are driven by the WMS system which insures the accuracy and efficiency of handling your inventory.

Customer Service & Support

128200631We recognize that providing a truck is only half of the service that you need. We believe that we have a duty to manage your cargo in the challenging import/export and rail intermodal process to assure that you receive both timely service and up-to-the-minute information. Our centralized customer support staff provides dedicated personnel to assure:

· Immediate delivery order acknowledgement
· Timely updates on availability
· Actively work to expedite shipment release
· Help with fees, customs issues.
· Appointment scheduling and coordination
· Timely pick-up and delivery of your containers

Inbound Services

Consolidation & Kitting

Once parts or materials are on site, GVE Freight & Logistics LLC can kit multi-product orders or subassemblies at our site for complete shipment to the customer. For example, an entire order of 500 SKU’s can be kitted and palletized for delivery to a local retail outlet all on one truck from a single location. This saves time and money at point of pack and receipt.

Vendor Managed Inventory

GVE Freight & Logistics LLC is an ideal choice for manufacturers and retailers who are looking to maximize their space by storing materials off site. Parts and material suppliers can utilize our services to allow inventory to be held without taking up important production space. Retailers utilize our services to move their inventory in and out of our distribution center and manage demand planning more effectively. We can store and stage product for replenishment at our facility, often freeing up your own warehouse space or limited store rooms.

Outbound Logistics

54352453453-24Let GVE Freight & Logistics LLC help minimize your outbound transportation costs. We can help select suitable local carriers, determined by your requirements. This approach avoids investment in physical transportation assets and allows you to choose the carriers that will maximize service and value.

· In house contract carrier
· Same day shipping
· Cross dock
· Advance ship notices
· Lift gate services
· UPS, FedEx, USPS
· Storage (short or long-term)
· Bonded (Customs-controlled)
· Temperature Controlled
· Contract Warehousing
· FDA and USDA certified storage (goods for human consumption)
· Handling
· Repackaging (Pick & Pack, Kitting)

Harbor Drayage

Our harbor and intermodal shipping division specializes in import and export container drayage | transportation management to and from all California Ports, intermodal shipping, and trans loading.

E-Commerce (B2C or Direct to Consumer Sales)


eCommerce has extreme viability written all over it, if it is strategized and approach properly it has a good chance of success. As an example, Wine merchant Wine.com Inc. found the right blend for its eCommerce business in fiscal 2011. The web-only retailer reported that it reached $56 million in sales for the year ended March 31, a 25% increase from the prior year.

The Wine.com team totally focused on delivering a great experience to its customers,” says Rich Bergsund, CEO. “Our financial results are a byproduct of this focus, and we look forward to growing further by offering an increasingly compelling blend of selection, service, value and information that’s impossible to get in a store.”

The company launched free mobile apps for the iPad and iPhone, which have generated 7% of sales from customers ordering through those devices.

The company also rolled out a flash-sale site, WineShopper.com, which offers daily discounts on wines to e-mail subscribers. The company has also expanded its inventory of high-end collectible wines priced more than $75 per bottle. Wines.com says that category’s sales grew by 60%.

The company also launched a flat-fee shipping program for which customers pay $49 annually to receive unlimited deliveries throughout the year, it’s another method for achieving another income stream.

We have access to Web and Phone App Developers who can achieve this level of industry competitiveness.

Alcohol Logistics Division


· Business Compliance
· Labeling and relabeling development
· Specialized Freight Forwarding and Warehousing for Alcohol
· Wholesale international wine sourcing
· Developing Southern California preferred partnership for large end-to-end Alcohol Management Company

Warehousing Facilities

Our warehouse is temperature controlled and foreseen from racks to make sure your wines are getting the best possible conditions during their storage. Regarding custom formalities, we have a bonded and tax warehouse in order to handle all your shipments, no matter which custom status they have.

Order picking

All wines stored at GVE Freight & Logistics LLC can be order picked according to your sales order. We handle all orders starting from 1 case untill a full truckload / container.

Sample Shipments


We handle sample shipments worldwide on a daily basis. Your samples will be repacked into special approved safety boxes and shipped with courier ( road / airfreight ) to their requested destination.


GVE Freight & Logistics LLC can offer you transport from the warehouse to your customers.


If necessary,GVE Freight & Logistics LLC Can offer you labelling service of bottles and cases such as:

  • adding extra label ( imported by …… )
  • applying tax banderols ( for export to Poland, Ukraine, … )

Custom formalities

We have our own custom formalities department to make sure your wines are shipped with all the required paperwork.

On-line stock managment

All our customers have direct acces to our system 24/7 so that they are able to access their stock figures, follow their orders, …

Our team of logistics professionals and customs brokers are on call to handle all of your international importing needs:

· Personal Effects Entry
· Continuous Bonds
· Coordination of Customs Examinations
· FDA, USDA, FCC, FW, DOT, EPA, APHIS, TTB processing
· Customs Entries
· In-Bond Entry & Re-forwarding
· Specialized Classification
· Application for Importer ID
· General Order Liens Release

Customs Brokerage

· In-house brokerage team
· Continuous Bond
· Duty Drawbacks
· Specialty types of Customs Entry (Line Release, Vessel/Vehicle, etc.)
· Import Programs


Continuous Bonds

Frequent shippers can import into the U.S.A. without a bond for every shipment, discounted rates available. GVE FREIGHT & LOGISTICS LLC can assist your company in obtaining a continuous bond today.

Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance in all Ports of Entry into the U.S.A. We clear freight at all ocean ports. We will track and coordinate all phases of the customs clearance process.

Import Programs

GVE Freight & Logistics LLC can custom design an integrated import program that suites the needs of your business, Our expert team of professionals opens the door to seamless importation of your goods.

Duty Drawbacks

GVE Freight & Logistics LLC assists its clients in reimbursing of duty paid on goods entered into the U.S.A., then reexported to a foreign country.

Line Release Entry

GVE Freight & Logistics LLC can obtain a Line Release approval for clients who ship frequently into the U.S.A. This is approved for “low risk commodities” and high volume entries and multiple container loads.

Various Type of Entries:

T&E Entry

Transportation and Export: This is a specialized U.S. Customs bond from a U.S. Port of Entry to a second U.S. Customs
port for export to a third country.


Vessel Transportation and Export: This is a specialized U.S. Customs bond intended for a foreign vessel which will be
immediately leaving the U.S.A.

Warehouse Entry

This entry is for goods entering the U.S.A. under bond to temporarily store goods in a warehouse without paying duties and/or taxes.

Informal Entry

This type of entry is performed for shipments valued under $2,000 USD. (Some commodities are restricted to an informal
entry, regardless of the value.)

Consumption Entry

Designed for shipments entering the U.S.A. with a value over $2,000 USD.

TIB Entry

Temporary Import Bond: Goods entering the U.S.A. temporarily and intended for re-export to the originating country.
Some restrictions do apply.

IT Entry

Temporary Import Bond: Goods entering the U.S.A. temporarily and intended for re-export to the originating country.
Some restrictions do apply.

Marketing Logistics


A full service provider of support services specializing in short to large run projects of 1 to 100,000 pieces. GVE supports your marketing and advertising campaigns through sample distribution, sweepstakes, event marketing, POP/POS displays with specialized fulfillment services that include kitting, assembly, tagging, packaging, and freight management. From port to redemption you’re covered.

  • Point of Purchase (POP) Pack Outs
  • Promotional Distribution
  • Event Marketing Logistics
  • Assembly and Kitting
  • Tagging and Special Packaging

Kitting & Assembly

As a marketing solutions company, we have a deep understanding of why your kitting and assembly procedures have to be executed flawlessly. From product launch kits to product packaging, we make sure it’s done right and looks great, everytime! Why choose GVE for your Kitting & Assembly Needs?

Accuracy —Our QC process ensures we build every kit accurately – every time.

Scalability —Size doesn’t matter. Our scalable solutions ensure whether big or small, simple or complex, your project will be always handled with the amount of care and expertise it deserves.

Flexibility —Our highly trained staff seamlessly handles multiple components and intricacies of any degree.