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GVE Freight & Logistics LLC is a full service business of the Future and the Next. Located in Southern California, USA it was founded in 2015 by industry executives who wanted to provide an even higher level of service to their customers with more specialized services most often asked by clients. GVE Freight & Logistics LLC now makes this possible, where more services could be integrated into one powerful source. “GVE” is a “One Stop Shop” in the Freight & Logistics industry. The company strives to maintain a high level of customer service, and consistency across all area of its business, and able to provide support logistics at a moment’s notice, while operating in high volume and efficiency.

transport_03The company employs cutting edge business management technology capabilities in its day to day operations. It can easily be scaled for growth with unlimited expansion across the United States and abroad. The information and processes remain consistently the same, whether warehousing and logistics is performed in 1 warehouse or across 100 warehouses in another country.

The executive team knows that the best marketing strategy is to aggressively pursue a comprehensive marketing campaign both domestically and internationally to a very diverse customer base. The “Team” will be focused on bringing in a great deal of business in levels of industry. They will also attend trade shows to showcase its services, an in the near future become a preferred vendor for these shows and their clients.

Advertising in the media as well as an online, through an aggressively managed social media campaign will be a heavy focus.

GVE Freight & Logistics LLC will soon be the industry benchmark, and will also remain competitive because of the team’s experience and technology backbone.

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GVE Freight & Logistics

7110 Jackson Street,
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