Freight Forwarding

cargoPacking, crating, blocking, bracing, securing, paneling, and plat forming are part of a proficient freight consolidation. We have trained expert personnel who are competent of performing all of these tasks with each container for the sole purpose of reducing the cost of your shipment.

We are experienced professionals, and offer competitive rates and flexibility of services that our competitor cannot provide. Our system is customized for every client’s individual and specific needs. To include; Vendor Consolidation, Marine Insurance, Customs Clearance, Distribution and other value added global logistics services.

Our operation offers you the greatest possible support in importing and exporting, saving you both time and money. The question asked most by clients is “What is the status of my shipment?” For that reason, our company employs technology that enables our clients to track and clear their shipments as quickly as possible while in transit. Almost everything in relation to shipping is performed by us, and anything else we are more than happy to accommodate.

Ocean Freight Full Container Shipping

cargo-shipIf you are moving residence from one country to another, or have a large cargo to be shipped across the ocean, GVE Freight & Logistics LLC can provides the perfect solution in the form of Full Container Load cargo. With the highest efficiency of FCL cargo service in the industry, we can provide cargo pickup from your doorstep, with a choice of containers, doorstep delivery, warehousing, packing, crating and scheduling. In any situation, our company ensures a smooth passage for your cargo in a timely manner, and a cost effective rate.

The containers and steamship carriers used by us are the best in the industry, ensuring the smooth and fast transit of your cargo. In addition to providing Full Container Load service, our company offers a number of additional services such as Customs Brokerage which make the shipping process easy, hassle-free and convenient for you. All arrangements regarding documentation, scheduling the shipment, custom formalities, cargo management from the moment the cargo is entrusted to the company, shipping the leased container, or shipper owned container to the destination port are handled by the company.

Our company helps you simplify the shipping process by providing a clear overall picture of all that is required for shipping which includes a list of required documents and permits. Transactions are clear and there are no hidden costs involved. This transparency ensures that the customers will receive the best level of service, with the least amount of cost.

Air Freight

GVE Freight & Logistics LLC is global leader of international air freight shipping. If you need your shipment to get to its destination quicker or to a location that is far from a shipping port; shipping by air may be the right choice for you. We can ship almost anything for you anywhere in the world. We routinely ship commercial shipments for every industry, such as; household goods, and or special items. We offer a variety of storage, and shipping related services, including packing, crating, warehousing and unloading. We have negotiated significant discounts with the trusted major lines and coshippers, which allows us to provide our clients with the most affordable prices while maintaining the best service possible.


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