Warehousing & Logistics


With over 100,000 square feet of warehouse space, GVE Freight & Logistics LLC is ideal for your storage needs. We offer real-time access to inventory and order status using a simple, intuitive web interface. Manage your inventory as if it were in your own facility.

Our state of the art WMS system can help with space optimization, RF-directed and assisted picking, cross-docking, and value-added support services. Over 99% of put-a ways and picks are driven by the WMS system which insures the accuracy and efficiency of handling your inventory.

Customer Service & Support

128200631We recognize that providing a truck is only half of the service that you need. We believe that we have a duty to manage your cargo in the challenging import/export and rail intermodal process to assure that you receive both timely service and up-to-the-minute information. Our centralized customer support staff provides dedicated personnel to assure:

· Immediate delivery order acknowledgement
· Timely updates on availability
· Actively work to expedite shipment release
· Help with fees, customs issues.
· Appointment scheduling and coordination
· Timely pick-up and delivery of your containers

Inbound Services

Consolidation & Kitting

Once parts or materials are on site, GVE Freight & Logistics LLC can kit multi-product orders or subassemblies at our site for complete shipment to the customer. For example, an entire order of 500 SKU’s can be kitted and palletized for delivery to a local retail outlet all on one truck from a single location. This saves time and money at point of pack and receipt.

Vendor Managed Inventory

GVE Freight & Logistics LLC is an ideal choice for manufacturers and retailers who are looking to maximize their space by storing materials off site. Parts and material suppliers can utilize our services to allow inventory to be held without taking up important production space. Retailers utilize our services to move their inventory in and out of our distribution center and manage demand planning more effectively. We can store and stage product for replenishment at our facility, often freeing up your own warehouse space or limited store rooms.

Outbound Logistics

54352453453-24Let GVE Freight & Logistics LLC help minimize your outbound transportation costs. We can help select suitable local carriers, determined by your requirements. This approach avoids investment in physical transportation assets and allows you to choose the carriers that will maximize service and value.

· In house contract carrier
· Same day shipping
· Cross dock
· Advance ship notices
· Lift gate services
· UPS, FedEx, USPS
· Storage (short or long-term)
· Bonded (Customs-controlled)
· Temperature Controlled
· Contract Warehousing
· FDA and USDA certified storage (goods for human consumption)
· Handling
· Repackaging (Pick & Pack, Kitting)

Harbor Drayage

Our harbor and intermodal shipping division specializes in import and export container drayage | transportation management to and from all California Ports, intermodal shipping, and trans loading.

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